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Friday, August 11, 2017

Ring final upgrade

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I very predictably replaced my center stone with pink moissanite from Joseph Schubach Jewelers in November 2016 because I finally had enough and call it quits with the stupid morganite. Tired of having to clean my ring with ultrasonic every damn day. Should've known that a stone that gets cloudy so easily is not for an OCD ass like me 😅 I couldn't be happier with the upgrade! SO much pinker and shinier, with minimal maintenance!

I had the sizing beads removed because they hurt my knuckle whenever I took off my ring or put it back on. Also had it soldered with two thin stack rings I purchased from Vrai & Oro for a thicker look.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017

July Third 2017

Rare occasion where Kit managed to drag me out to socialize with his friends. I looked mildly annoyed in this photo because... I was, as the sun was hurting my eyes and mosquitoes tried to eat me alive. Squinting the whole time because I didn't bring sunglasses - I forgot that it's summer and sun doesn't set until 9pm. Also a natural reflex because bugs were everywhere and some got very close to my eyes. I put repellent on my arms but I had to fan them away from my face -_- My legs were covered but those mofos with powerful probocis managed to give me gigantic bumps that itched for days all over my legs wtf. While I was bored to the max because I didn't know anybody there and didn't intend to get to know anybody. But hey free food and we are in some professionally taken photos! Love this jumpsuit, made me feel sexy, strong, independent ♥

Sunday, July 9, 2017

5-day Chicago trip (August 2016)

This is probably the first post on this blog with raw, unedited photos. Not sure if it's because I've gotten prettier I don't bother to edit my face anymore, or I've finally come to accept my face as it is, or my phone camera is just so good at taking portrait (despite the elongating effect at edges that gave me cone head in some photos), or I am just too fucking lazy nowadays. 

Day 1: King's Spa and Sauna, then dinner at Serai before we checked in to our hotel.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Quip toothbrush + charcoal toothpaste

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New oral hygiene routine ✨ 

I used to hate brushing teeth so much and thought of it as such a nuisance 🙊 I grew up only brushing my teeth once a day 😬 but I'd brush my teeth for 10 minutes each time 😨 Sometimes I'd brush my teeth after an acidic meal or if I ate food that easily got stuck, but I never had the habit of brushing my teeth before sleeping until WSK and I moved in together... He forced me to but soon he gave up enforcing it. Because I'd either fake it by wetting my toothbrush or go ballistic if he tried to get me to brush my teeth after I'd already tucked in trying to sleep 😆 

I got my first professional dental cleaning in my life at age 21. Miraculously I haven't lost any tooth to cavity nor suffer from any gum disease. The only filling I had to get was because when I got my wisdom teeth removed in Malaysia, the dentist fucked up and knocked off part of my adjacent good tooth 😠 I was in excruciating pain on the flight back I thought it was a fast progressing cavity 😵 only found out what was going on when I went for check-up prior to that first dental cleaning. 

I'm also sensitive to a lot of toothpastes, especially those with whitening formulas- the inside of my mouth will shed skin as an allergic reaction. It's freaking annoying to have bits of my skin coming off in my mouth, especially when I was in public, like was I supposed to skillfully secretly tug them off with my tongue and swallow? If no one was watching I would pull out those pieces of skin and rub them into tiny balls of DNA 😶 

Anyway this combination of Quip electric toothbrush and charcoal toothpaste changed my oral hygiene routine! My teeth and gum never felt so fresh. I now look forward to brushing my teeth 😁